Saturday, May 9, 2015

29 and still counting

Aaj mera janm din mubarak hai. That's why all i'm going to say is i don't have any regrets anymore. At least for today. It's good to know that i crossed 27 (thus losing the glorious chance to be part of the 27 Club) and then 28 and now i'm 29 and hopefully, will see 30 too. One can always go "Life is..." but in absolute terms, it means nothing. To each, his own experiences. You may find the key to happiness but you don't get to keep it. And as of today, i'm happy. I'm at a place where i don't beat myself up. I am OK with the pace my life is going. I have someone who is a far better person than i am. I have a job where i may come across as a fresher (and trust me, it doesn't feel good to be a rookie at 29!). I do have my lows but then what's the point in existing if there isn't a balance. That said, i'm not really sure what i'm doing but i like to believe that it's OK. And that's an amazing feeling to wake up with. Or go to sleep with.


Farheen said...

Happy to you! If you've figured out all this in your 20s, you're going to do just fine!

Harry said...

Belated happy birthday Shakti.
Hope you had fun in your own way.