Friday, May 15, 2015

The birth of an earworm

Some songs like you instantly and stick with you like a gorgeous scar. Such songs are a rarity in themselves. They come along seldom and if you're lucky enough, you'll pay adequate attention. That'd also be your first step towards a downward spiral into musical ecstasy. A pathogenic journey wherein nobody except the eardrums is harmed. That song for me (as of now) happens to be Nate Ruess' Nothing Without Love. Not only is this track splendid but also the video enhances its overall appeal. You can see the diminutive singer actually feel what he's crooning. The way he almost drowns while singing. The way he dances without a care on an empty drenched road. The way his weary eyes have a way with the camera despite being in a crowd. The way a girl smiles at him as if his lyrics mattered a lot. The way a piano bursts into flames. The way you wish the song never ended but it will and you'd be left with no option other than playing it again hoping you'll get bored of it sooner than you find another such beauty of a song. 

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