Friday, May 29, 2015

भ se bhookh, फ se food

Zomato is all about food. It's not just India's only global app but closer home, it has perhaps one of the coolest offices in India. I'm in the middle of my fourth month with this awesome company and i must say i've never been more impressed. People are amazing to me and i don't blame them because without my beard, i must be the prettiest person in the building. Furthermore, since i'm part of the marketing team with a keenness on social media, i'm observing a world i didn't know existed during my earlier stints as English teacher, business transcriber and film journo. No, no, i haven't changed as such but it's a pleasant surprise to see yourself amid unprecedented growth in the food sector. Remember, the Shettys own 3 out of 4 restaurants in Mumbai? I guess it was destiny. (Related trivia: The tech side of F&B industry in India is STILL at its nascent stage though which makes it doubly exciting!) In the coming days, you'll see more and more people using food apps not only for browsing restaurants but also ordering online. That's inevitable. Foodie or no foodie, everybody's going to make the most of the available platforms. And why wouldn't we? When the cellphone made an entry at the turn of the century, who could have assumed that it'd become an essential part of our existence? Thanks to the impetus provided by the Internet, things have only escalated on the tech front, thus providing newer avenues for upcoming players. No wonder Instagramming food has become more important than tasting it first to check whether it's worth taking a picture. Who doesn't like to call themselves a foodie nowadays? Although it'd be misleading to call myself a foodie, i enjoy the awesome free food that my job entails. The best part being i don't even have to step out of the office. Gurgaon is the perfect mix of unsettling dust, filthy pigs, sweltering summer, rude autowallahs, bored cows, corporate residents and farce. But if i were to juxtapose all these elements with my job, it's quite a fair deal. 

If you've got the hungermetaphorically as well as literallyto do something memorable with your time in the world of startups, i'd strongly suggest you to check out our careers page. Who knows you too might write a blog post someday that would get you fired?

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