Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happiness quotient

Last night, two of my colleagues-turned-friends asked me what makes me happy. This was before they answered the question for themselves. One said something about visiting his countryside back in his native Portugal while another said something about getting recognition for his work. In my defense, i said i love talking to people. Unbelievable as it may sound, i do love talking to people. But i've noted that my level of communication drops as soon as i get familiar with a given person. My finest interactions have taken place with random strangers whom you meet and then never meet again. The absence of baggage on how i should behave or talk like or whatever with such people is a unexplainable relief. I guess that makes me happy more than anything. 

Related: A friend from Ahmedabad once told me that we are here to leave behind witnesses that we were here once upon a time. In that sense, i think i'm just happy collecting more and more witnesses who don't really matter but still do. 

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Harry said...

Nice! In fact, I also love talking to strangers. At least, there is no continuation of the point the last encounter stopped, no filling in on
the sufferings or glees; obviously nothing to fall back on. One goes by in the course of the present encounter.