Saturday, May 2, 2015

Doing the write thing?

What you're reading happens to be my 750th post. I started this rubbish machine of a blog in 2007 and have been gradually drawn to sharing more of myself over the years. I like to believe that i have an eye for detail. I see through things (sometimes) and i remember them (always). It's a curse. I write about them (always) and i hope i forget them (sometimes). However, that doesn't really mean i'm a blogger. Blogger, to me, is a modern-day term for someone who wants to be seen as a writer. S/he may or may not be one but would rather pretend that s/he doesn't need validation from the publishing houses while hoping they pick up their blog someday! In my defense, i never saw myself as a bona fide writer. I tried myself at poetry though and failed beautifully. Writing is a sacred business. People don't understand that because most of us don't know what it is to write from one's heart. If you are able to compose a heartfelt letter to your lover, you are a writer by default. Try converting that letter into a novel or non-fiction. You get my drift? The irony is a writer employs words at the risk of being unemployed himself/herself. It's a big deal to be that person who pumps 4000 words—and the resulting ideas—on a daily basis. I'm not THAT person. My patience is thinner than me and i'd rather spend my time coming up with lame tweets, lamer Snapchat images and one-word captions—because writing an essay for describing a picture is defeating the very purpose—for my Instagram feed. Which also sounds like an excuse for not working on a film script i'm supposed to have completed a month ago. I just couldn't wrap my imagination around it. Not to say i won't someday but as of now, it's difficult. 
I guess that makes me a blogger then by my aforementioned definition. 
Coming back to this blog, i hope to continue sharing tidbits from what i see and i don't want to see. This world of ours is beautiful and i recently tried looking at it with my left eye closed. It still appeared beautiful but everything changed when Akshar informed me that one-eyed people can't watch 3D films. 

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Anonymous said...

Keep doing the "write" thing, Good sir. :)