Tuesday, May 5, 2015

♫ Tan-tada-tang ♫

What is it that we need more than anything else? 
  • Love? 
  • Purpose? 
  • Oxygen? 
  • Internet? 
  • Food?
  • Friends?
  • Money?
  • Cinema?
  • Family?
  • Tang?
Think about it, will you?
  • In the ___ number of years you've spent on earth, there must have been a series of extended moments when you went without love. And still you survived, didn't you?
  • Do you REALLY know what your purpose of life is? Most of us don't and that's what keeps us going. If we already knew, it wouldn't have been been so fun. Sounds convincing?
  • We breathe not because we need oxygen to survive but because we need to get our body rid of the ever-accumulating quota of carbon dioxide that fuels our system. Got it?
  • Internet may be a vital piece of our existence today but we did fine not only before it happened but also when the WiFi sucks and we start looking out of the window. Don't we?
  • Of all the things i've become after moving north, i'm most proud of the fact that i am a 5 Star level foodie now. Also, if i can be so inspirational, can't you go without food?
  • I like people. I am an Anne Frank in that sense. I like to talk to them and touch them (asexually) but i don't think i have it in me to hold up the torch of friendship. You?
  • Is there anything, like anything, that could be as overrated as a piece of paper and a few coins that require more mineral resources to mint them than they are actually worth?
  • I used to watch at least a dozen films a week and i'm not even counting documentaries or TV series. But then i moved on. It's not THAT hard when you get a life, isn't it? 
  • Everybody dies. Even though it might seem like you are going to be immortal, you are going to need your family for arranging your funeral. But it's OK to rot too, right?  
  • Summers can be extremely uncool, specifically when the temperature hits upswing of 40 degree Celsius. In such a scenario, Tang comes as a blessing in orange disguise. 
Conclusion: You need Tang more than anything else in life. 

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