Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tense moments

You are known by what you do. Not by your name or what your parents did. In the long run, what really matters is what you did with your time. How did you spend it? And who did you spend it on? Or with? As long as you're alive, everybody is allotted equal time. Equal number of hours in a day. But the funny thing about time is it doesn't allow you the privilege of understanding what really is going on. Even if you think that you've figured out everything, it doesn't really sum up well. Uncertainties. Which might explain why we are able to point out the patterns or connect the dots only when an event has ended. That knack rarely occurs to us in real-time. Looking back indeed helps a lot but doesn't also mean that we are creatures of the past? Every single moment is passing us by without showing us the courtesy of slowing down a bit. Truth to be told, our entire existence is in the past tense. In such a scenario, the question would rather be, what are you going to do with your future?

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