Monday, May 18, 2015

A major switch

In a room at a hostel resided two young men. One was Extrovert and another, Introvert. The former had a life and was proud of it while the latter didn’t wish to see what he was missing. However, Extrovert was too carefree to note whether he’s leaving behind a mess for Introvert to clean up later. Moreover, the world had come to a stage where an individual adhering to basic cleanliness/orderliness got promptly diagnosed with OCD. But then, the two didn’t talk much so we’ll never know how one’s lifestyle affected another’s. Interestingly, they had an arrangement in place: Extrovert will switch off the light at night even if he had to get up from his bed. The switch was nearer to the door than the beds and Introvert wouldn’t volunteer at all. This routine carried on for a long while before one particular night when Extrovert imitated Introvert. He lied on his bed with his palms behind his head asking his room-partner to switch off the light for a change. Introvert turned his head to look at him in a manner he has never done earlier. He then pointed his left hand at the switch with the index finger sticking out. Before Extrovert could understand anything, the hand kept growing and growing and growing reminding him of that guy from Fantastic Four. The only difference being this was for real and that was the last time he saw darkness.

Moral of the story: Chuppi-parast logon ke saath ungli mat karo.

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