Thursday, May 28, 2015

Striking a chord

The final moments of The Imitation Game is so heartbreaking that you are forced to rethink. You not only feel bad for the way a genius like Alan Turing was mistreated but also wonder what really is different. Just because you don't understand another being makes you superior? Like i read the other day, the person speaking broken English is already fluent in another language. Can we (always) say the same about the one fluent in English? Going back to Turing, he develops a level of intimacy with a machine he helped create—which helped the Allied Forces win WW2 and inspired the likes of Steve Jobs in more than one ways—reminds you of Wilson from Cast Away. Remember how Tom Hanks' character continues to talk to the volleyball and later apologizes to it in a manner you wish your ex did? We don't get to know why Wilson was named so but we do get a peek into the story behind Turing's Christopher. Attachments like these make you rethink about the lack of difference between living and non-living things. 

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