Saturday, May 2, 2015

Surreal dip

I had a very weird dream. I was drowning and bubbles were rising from all sides. But the funny part was i could clearly see everything through them. There were whales and barracudas and a dancing army of green-coloured small fish. The water was so freaking clear that i was sure that i wasn't dying in India. Furthermore, i was wondering why wasn't i trying to swim. I mean, i know how to swim. I wasn't a champion swimmer during my younger days but i indeed had aquatic grace. No bragging. But in this peculiar dream, i was just going down and down. The worst piece about it being i wasn't panicking at all. It was as if i had accepted my situation and wasn't ready to fight it. Throughout, i was thinking about her, my family and my friends. I was wondering where were they and whether they knew that i was leaving them without a trace. After a long while, i could see nothing. Just pitch darkness and i guess that's where i fell asleep in this dream. But i woke up in reality all sweaty and restless. It was one of those instances when water was on either side of the boundary.

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