Friday, May 8, 2015

Gender equanimity

If you are a fan of British television, you should check out Black Mirror. It's amazing how the writers of this sci-fi anthology series could imagine a futuristic world where people can be blocked for real with a click of a button or how citizens will be forced to bike for their sustenance—amongst other such probabilities. However, despite all these mindboggling features on display, what struck my partner the most was the manner in which almost every single episode was suggesting infidelity on the female protagonist's part. I didn't even notice this remarkable commonality. Maybe because i'm a messiah who can leap into the future and see a world where the disloyalty tag is associated more with the fairer sex against what is the status quo right now. But at the same time, a recent study threw some light on the changing trends between the sheets and what could possibly be a reason why the aforementioned script-writers might have just nailed it as this paradigm shift is concerned! 

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