Monday, May 25, 2015

Marry me maybe?

Since i'm an expert in sign languages, i came up with this innovative method of speechless proposal. Accordingly, all you've got to do is flash the ring finger of your left hand. It might look like you're giving a fly to somebody you hate but it's actually an attempt at making a fool of oneself in front of someone you love. That revealed, there are several benefits of this approach. The most prominent one is you avoid making a fool out of yourself in public in case you're one of those who get carried away by an IPL match and propose their lady just because Mumbai Indians is winning. 

Two things can happen in such a scenario: 
a) She ends up storming out of the stands leaving your cryface on the big screen. 
b) You miraculously turn into a single guy with a legendary status on YouTube.  

Yes, if only he showed her his ringie instead of uttering those horrible words. If only. 

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Anonymous said...

Of course, I'll marry you.